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Customer service is King

Customer service is King

It’s a competitive world today, no longer is the high street the king of sales. Online it is easy to research, shop around and make well informed buying decisions. Price is, as always, a major deciding factor but other issues like ethics and environmental credentials are important too. Most importantly, customer recommendation has a big influence on our buying decisions today.
Have you ever bought anything from Amazon with only a one star recommendation?
…..Didn’t think so.

20 years ago

We all bought what we found on the high street or in a mail order catalogue. TV advertising ruled, a prime time slot during the soaps guaranteed your product would be a best seller. Everyone bought the same brands. A trusted recommendation was generally from a friend or family member.

Customer service
Today the internet is a giant open market, noisy and competitive; it’s difficult for even large corporations to get a share of voice. So how do smaller businesses differentiate themselves and stand out in the crowd?

Customer service is how.

Offering a personalised service is so much easier for a smaller organisation. Large corporations are envious of this flexibility. All the content marketing, CRM systems, automation and data in the world can’t ensure a satisfied customer. Customer service is now king of sales; the most important factor in the buying process is how the customer feels about the experience.

Was it a positive interaction?

Would they buy from you again?

Will they recommend you?

All purchasing experiences are based on emotion. The way your customers feel about you is the way to stand out from the competition. If small businesses make sure that every interaction a current customer has with them is a positive one they will be happy and they will be loyal.  In fact, not just current customers, everyone is a potential customer or might recommend you to a potential customer. So put a smile on your face and go out to make some raving fans today.