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Seven reasons to hire a VA – Virtual Assistant

Seven reasons to hire a VA – Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants, if you have not heard of the term, are very much like your PA/EA or traditional secretary. The only difference is that as VA’s we have elected to work from home or remotely. We do not need a desk, a computer or a phone as we have our own, thank you. As well as managing your phone calls, some of Call team are a virtual assistants. We charge either hourly, per project.  In some cases on a retainer package which means you pay only for the work/hours agreed on. No sickness pay, holiday pay or any other deductions associated with employees, . As some business owners* have found, hiring a VA is a win-win situation. The majority of them wonder how they ever coped without a VA.

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Read on to discover what they had to say about hiring a VA and if  this is for you, get in touch 0845 544 0681.

I was overwhelmed by scheduling
Once I started getting overwhelmed by scheduling meetings/calls and emails I decided it was time to hire my Virtual Assistant. She’s been a huge help and costs me £450 a month for full time work. Eric Sin
I was Angry at My Work
A few weeks ago I felt a flash of tightness in my chest from anger as I was sitting down to do work I really didn’t want to do. That was a wakeup call that I needed to delegate more tasks and focus on work that I actually enjoyed doing. The best part is that the assistant I hired was thrilled to be doing this type of work so it was a huge win-win for both of us. Peter Kennedy.
I was Bogged Down in Repetition
I knew I needed a VA when I found myself doing a lot of repetitive tasks on a daily basis. I’ve worked with a number of VAs over the years and I found the relationship most beneficial when I could outsource time consuming, repetitive tasks. You want to avoid spending too much time explaining or reviewing projects so that you can maximise the time savings of having a VA in the first place. Nicolas Greenen.
My Personal Errands were Killing My Productivity
It became clear when tasks from my personal life started to interfere with my ever-growing schedule. It wasn’t as much of a problem before – but after that line was crossed it became a trade-off. I could get all my work done or neglect the personal errands or vice versa. Thankfully now I can delegate much of my personal life to my assistant as well as some of those small business tasks that ate time. Alec Bowers
I Was Ignoring Core Tasks
The moment you realise that lately you haven’t really worked on the core tasks that grow your business because of all the other things.  – That is the final moment you need to stop and reassess your work load. Focus on the work you do best and hire other people to do the rest, like Call Team. Being the Jack of all Trades can seem like a necessity for many entrepreneurs; but it really doesn’t have to be that way. Focus! Sam Smith
I Realised Others Could Do It Better
When clients ask me about Virtual Assistants or remote staff the first thing I get them to understand is what they, as clients are good at or not good at doing. This is often quite difficult for entrepreneurs as they’ve usually been doing everything in their business themselves. Once you show them that others can not only do it better but that their business can’t grow without delegation they get a VA. Liam Martin
My First Hour Was No Longer My Own
I’ve always thought that the first hour of the work day really sets the tone for those to follow. Realising this hour had become routinely filled with marginalia was a big sign I needed to hand off some tasks in order to get the right ones back. Sam Sixton.

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As you can see from these recounts a Virtual Assistant will not only help but enhance your business, support you and your growth.

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*Quotes from The Huffington Post 2014