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It’s good to talk….

…….as the late great Bob Hoskins told us in the nineties as part of the BT ‘friends and family’ campaign. If you don’t remember, have a look at the rosy olden days before the internet or mobile phones were invented. The land line phone was the only way to communicate and BT was the only provider.


The idea was to choose your top 5 favourite friends and family members and talk to them for the extra low weekend rate of 3 minutes for 10p which equates to £2 an hour. It was a good deal then but we wouldn’t dream of paying that kind of money today.


Bob Hoskins


The campaign was a great success, according to campaignlive.co.uk the advertising industry website, it netted BT £5 million in incremental sales: http://www.campaignlive.co.uk/article/its-good-talk-story-behind-campaign/938629

Bob’s adverts are still fondly remembered 20 years later and he liberated men by giving them permission to have a natter not just pay the bill.


As a business owner, you already know its good to talk and the importance of the telephone as a way of communicating to your customers and not just your top 5, what about all those potential customers?

But what if you are not available to take your calls?

Who is booking your clients in for appointments with you when you’re with a client?

Who is dealing with your customer requests when you can’t?

If it’s not you, it could be your competitors!

Have you ever hung up when you got through to a business voicemail?

We all know how annoying it is to talk to a machine rather than a real person, in business too, people want to deal with people not answer machines. But your customers need never feel irritated by your voicemail again because you won’t have one. Call team make sure that your important callers always speak to a real person, your customers feel valued and your competitors lose out.

More than that, Call team speak to your customers in a tone of voice they expect, we are appropriate to your brand and your business. A relationship counsellor would like his callers to hear an emphatic and soothing voice when they ring, whereas a business coach requires and energetic and upbeat receptionist. Your clients will feel confident in booking your services assuming they are talking to a member of your staff.


We agree with Bob Hoskins – It is good to talk

And at Call team we passionately believe – It’s good to talk to your customers!